Country Information

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Assessments of impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change in Multiple Regions and Sectors (AIACC) Regions, Case study sites, Data
Earth observatory (NASA) Maps, Articles
LIPortal (BZE) Country information (in German)
Reliefweb Country information
Climate Change Knowledge Portal Country Information, Data, Reports
Wikipedia Country information, Data
Dara Country information, Data
WB – World Bank Country Information, Publications
Climate Change Knowledge Portal (WB – World Bank Group) Country information
Climate Action Tracker Country information

Sharing knowledge platforms

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ALM - Adaptation Learning Mechanism Collaborative Knowledge-Sharing Platform
weADAPT Collaborative Knowledge-Sharing Platform
PreventionWeb Knowledge Platform for disaster risk reduction
Eldis – sharing knowledge for 20 years Database, Sharing knowledge, Documents, Information

Databases and scientific information:

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IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Data on climate change
EM-DAT – The International Disaster Database Database on disasters

Projects, strategies, tools and services

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UNISDR – United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
U4E – United for Efficiency Tools for Energy Efficiency
Conservation International Information, Projects on habitat conservation
GERMANWATCH Information, Programs, Data
United Nation Climate Change Dataset, Programs
FARMD – Forum of Agricultural Risk Management in Development Information, Articles, Webinars, Tools
FAO Agroecology knowledge Hub Principles, Practices, Science and Links about Agroecology
Climate Strategies Publications, Projects, Events
OCHA – United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Tools, Service, Database
GSDRC Applied Knowledge Services Articles, Publications