PACDR version 10


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Documents on this website will enable you to plan and carry out community-based climate and disaster risk analyses or a training workshop.

Working with experienced trainers can be crucial for the success of your PACDR analysis.




The PACDR tool is designed to conduct community assessments of hazards, vulnerabilities and local coping strategies in a participatory way. Its aim is to develop more effective and sustainable community adaptation strategies. The analysis is done together with local stakeholders in rural and urban communities.

PACDR is …

  • Dynamic: Work in process, adaptable to different contexts.
  • Flexible: Modules can be used selectively or all together for an in-depth assessment.
  • Participatory: All stakeholders of a community are ideally represented in the assessment process to assure ownership and effective actions.
  • Easy: Easy to understand for community facilitators with basic skills in participatory rural appraisal (PRA) tools.
  • Well-tested: The tool has been used in various countries, cultures and contexts.
  • Suitable for advocacy and lobby work: PACDR analysis results are suitable as a factual basis to raise political awareness on climate and disaster risks, and to advocate for climate adaptation projects and climate finance.