Cameroon is a geographically diverse country located in Central West Africa. It covers all major climate types of the continent. The northern semi-arid regions are the hottest and driest part of the country. In the southern regions, temperatures are largely dependent on altitude and vary little with the seasons. Winter is marked by a dry season and summer by a rainy season. More than half of Cameroon’s population depends on agriculture and is threatened by climate change induced droughts, floods, soil erosion and reduced fresh water supply. The rising temperatures, the shorter rainy season and the extension of the dry season added to the almost total drying of Lake Chad, bordering Cameroun in the North. This forced the migration of the local population into neighbouring countries and the South in search of water and farmland, leading to increasing tension and conflicts.

For a list of the organizations that participated in PACDR trainings and analyses, please go here.

Country Year Host organisation Partners involved Activity
Cameroon 2021 GADD Bread for the World Short analysis
Cameroon 2013 Cercle International pour la Promotion de la Création (CIPCRE) Département missionnaire (DM-échange et mission), Bread for all (Bfa), FAKT Analysis in one of CIPCRE’s pilot villages Bamendjo
Cameroon 2013 Bread for all (Bfa) Département missionnaire (DM-échange et mission), Cercle International pour la Promotion de la Création (CIPCRE) Training workshop in Bandjoun
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