Located on the East African plateau, Uganda is situated along the equator and therefore has a mainly tropical warm climate, with two rainy seasons (March – May and September – November). As the global and national temperatures are rising, rainfall starts to change, leading to an increase of extreme weather events, such as droughts, floods and landslides. These ongoing changes of climate have severe and destructive impacts on the environment and the population. Agriculture, the most important sector in Uganda, is especially affected in terms of land/crop loss, low production and livestock diseases, leading to food insecurity.

For a list of the organizations that participated in PACDR trainings and analyses, please go here.

Country Year Organisation Partners involved Summary Downloads
Uganda 2018 Bread for all (Bfa) Tearfund Switzerland (TF), Church of Uganda (CoU) A second level training workshop was held in Kabale district with members of CoU and befriended organisations from Uganda and Congo. The focus lied on the KDWSP project, community-based resource management and climate advocacy.
Uganda 2014 - 2018 Church of Uganda (CoU) – Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme (KDWSP) Bread for all (Bfa), Tearfund Switzerland (TF) An analysis took place in Kabale district in 2014 in a project operated by KDWSP. It included two workshops with local female and male beneficiaries and a concluding discussion. All identified adaptation strategies were being implemented in the KDWSP project in the following years. Therefore, a pilot project was implemented in Rubaya, integrating more and more activities on farming god’s way and water harvesting.
Uganda 2014 Bread for all (Bfa) Tearfund Switzerland (TF), Church of Uganda (CoU) In 2014 a training workshop took place in Kampala, organized by Bfa, including CoU and other organisations from different parts of Uganda.