Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia lies entirely within the tropics and its climate is dominated by monsoons. Seasonal differences are marked by a wet monsoon time (May – October), characterized by flooding of the Mekong river, and a dry season. Temperatures are more or less consistent across the country. Climate change affects Cambodia by an increase of extreme events in form of more frequent and intense droughts, floods, storms and animal diseases. Adding to that, the projected sea level rise will very likely put people living along the coasts at risk from flooding and result in significant losses of coastal ecosystems. Cambodia’s vulnerability to climate change is linked to its economy that is largely based on agriculture with nearly 80% of the population living in rural areas and about 73 % depending on agriculture for their livelihoods.

Country Year Host organisation Partners involved Activity
Cambodia 2015 Bread for all (Bfa) CONNEXIO The Community Health and Agricultural Development (CHAD) Training workshop in Phnom Penh including different befriended organizations of CHAD
Cambodia 2015 The Community Health and Agricultural Development (CHAD) Bread for all (Bfa) CONNEXIO An analysis was carried out in the commune of Toul Kpos in South East Cambodia, in which 21 female and 10 male villagers participated.
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