Indonesia counts over 17’000 islands. Lying along the equator, the climate is almost entirely tropical with a dry season (April – October) and a wet season (November – March). In addition to overall geophysical risks from e.g. earthquakes and volcanoes, the country is considered at serious risk from climate change impacts. Changes in precipitation patterns result in droughts and floods and endanger agricultural activities and thus the livelihoods of many Indonesian people. They also encourage diseases and increases in wildfires, which threaten the country’s huge rainforest. Considering that the majority of Indonesians lives in low-lying coastal areas, the rising sea level is threating the homes of the major part of the population.

Country Year Organisation Partners involved Summary Downloads
Indonesia 2011 Bread for all (BfA) Mission 21 Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia (GKPI) A training workshop took place in Malinau in 2011, including participants from different organizations and churches.
Indonesia 2011 Geraia Kalimantan Envangalis (GKE) Bread for All (BfA) Mission 21 An analysis took place in Central Kalimantan in 2011 on two community development and advocacy projects in Loksado and Layang. One named Bidang Pembinaan (Congregation development project) and the other Parpem – Partisipasi dalam Pembangunan (Participation in community development project).