Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is situated on the west coast of Africa. The country is characterized by coastal plains, mangrove swamps, and a mountainous interior. The coastal area along the Atlantic Ocean contributes to a tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity. In the interior, the landscape features plateaus and mountains, including the Loma Mountains and the Sankanberi Hills. Sierra Leone’s climate is tropical with a wet season from May to October. The southwest is known for receiving the highest rainfall, while the east is relatively drier. The country experiences a climate change induced increased occurrence of extreme weather events such as floods and droughts, posing threats to agriculture, water resources, and overall socio-economic stability.

Country Year Host organisation Partners involved Activity
Sierra Leone 2019 MADAM SILNORF, CCSL, FIOH, SLADEA, YMCA, Bread for the World Community assessment and inhouse training