Mexico is crossed by several mountain ranges of up to 5’700 meters and with coastlines to several oceans. Its unique geographical characteristics create one of the world’s most diverse climate systems ranging from desert climate in the North to subtropical climate in the southern regions. In terms of climate change Mexico is experiencing a major temperature increase, leading to droughts and decreasing agricultural yields that will especially affect the southern regions.

For a list of the organizations that participated in PACDR trainings and analyses, please go here.

Country Year Organisation Partners involved Summary Downloads
Mexico 2016 Bread for all (Bfa) Instituto de Estudios e Investigación Intercultural (INESIN), Semillas de Agua In June 2016 a training workshop took place in Chiapas with national participants from different organizations and representatives of the civil society of Mexico and Cuba.
Mexico 2016 Instituto de Estudios e Investigación Intercultural (INESIN) Bread for all (Bfa), Département missionnaire (DM-échange et mission), Semillas de Agua In 2016 an analysis was made in the community El Pozo, from the municipality of San Juan Cancuc in Chiapas, where INESIN worked with forest and religious issues.